Friday, November 26, 2010

it's the end of november.

It's hard to believe that it's the end of november. It feels like the summer just ended a week ago, but yet i still can put words together to say something profound or significant.

School is busy, but almost done. I am writing lots of paper which i am realizing more and more that i am a horrible writer. My sentences suck, and i can't seem to make my fingers type what i am thinking in my head. But there is light, only 3 more months of papers.

my thoughts currently are consumed by, where am i going to work in may? And to be honest i have no clue. There are some areas i like, but none i am passionate about which does make the selection process difficult.

I have been also thinking lots about love, gratitude, and grace. What do they look like, how do i have it in my life, and how does that change things. When i know more on this, i will try to form it into words.
This is part of the summer crew at Fundy park in NB, such a great trip on our week off!