Sunday, March 21, 2010

full full full.

yesterday was probably one of my most fullest days in a while.

a predicted high of 16-18C degrees outside in March, seriously beautiful. the gang decided to check out a new-to-us trail in Porter's lake. we left early morning, drove out, hiked in. it was just so so great to be outdoor, not constantly hearing traffic and city noises.Crowbar lake trail had some great look offs with a river the trail runs by, quite a few steep inclines which went up and down, up and down, and a lake we came to about 6 km in. Loved it. but enough about the trail, which i loved, did i mention that? so we ate lunch at the lake side then decided to head back. with about half a km to go before we were back to the car we were going down a steep rocky part. i caught a bit of ice under my feet and down i go. then the commotion starts. my elbow split open a bit.nothing serious of course. my lovely friends rinsed it off and i started to get out band-aids. "do you think that needs stitches" the discussion started and proceeded to go back and forth until the band-aids were on. Nah, i'll tough it out. And check it when i get to some place with a mirror. Afterwards we stopped in Dartmouth for some slushies and ice cream. I checked it out. I could probably get stitches but it was so hard to tell, so i ignored it. we then set out to complete this lovely day with a bbq with good friends, yum! my first bbq of the season. we were all pretty tired but ended up watching Willow. which i then fell asleep for at least half of it. We made it back to the city around midnight with a quick stop in at a drug store to get some butterfly closures for my elbow i thought i was set for the night and do some nursing skills to my arm. I was so ready to crawl into my nice warm bed.

just to be safe i asked my nursing friend, so "what are the guidelines behind getting stitches". her reply, "jenni what did you do" i showed her via skype and with lots of medical talk of infections and the wound needs to be approximated. I was convinced to hit up the emerg at 1230, which i wasn't too impressed since i wanted a shower and sleep. we were met by some pretty great paramedics who then had the discussion. "does she need stitches, and would you stitch that?" The mans reply was yes i would stitch that, yet it was 9 hours later since i had my tumble and there is a time limit on giving stitches. 8-12 hours after. But they worked their handsome magic. And after being an hour in the emerg and 6 stitches later i was home and in bed by 2.

All i can say is what a full day.

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