Sunday, September 12, 2010

love is patient.

I am beginning to write about things of the summer.
Here are my thought so far.
What have you learned this summer as been asked time after time, yet my answer changes with every time that question is asked. So here goes at trying to capture what i learned at malagash this summer.

My reoccurring NEED for God. nothing i do, or say or want in each and everyday can compare to how sweet it is with God. i would wake up with a continued prayer of "Father i need you."
One of my many questions of the year is, what does that need for God look like in the mundane things of everyday life, going to school, hanging out with friends. I am learning i am so independent. I went into this summer thinking i could do it all on my own. Was i ever wrong. I learned i need other people, i need other people to ask me the hard questions to get me to speak.
During the summer i was able to watch. Seriously, one of my favourite things to do. Watch interactions, watch people. And i was able to share in other people's joy. To listen to God moments, to watch other people grow. To see God changing campers as well as staff's live.
And for that I am blessed.

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